Friday, January 11, 2013

Unconventional eLearning Simulation

Last year during the Articulate Storyline beta, I created an unconventional "eLearning" simulation.

Since I typically spend work days creating conventional corporate training courses (sales training at the time), I wanted to try something completely different and also experiment with some ideas:

What if the goal of a simulation was to do tasks incorrectly? Could that actually reinforce correct behavior?
  • What if avatars were jerks and gave you bad advice?
  • What if you were yelled at and insulted instead of monotonously encouraged and congratulated? 
  • Could an eLearning authoring tool be used to tell an interactive story?
Somewhere in the recesses of my imagination, I came up with Carl's Clunkers, a sleazy car salesman simulation. 

As you'll see, the high quality images of people from eLearningArt played a strong role. All of the sources of the assets used are listed at the end.
Post a comment if you have any feedback or questions about how I made this unconventional simuation.

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